When to Walk Away

I recently took part in a Strength Finders workshop with my team. Since I’m on the East Coast and my team is on the West Coast, the workshop took place in the evening for me. By the time we were halfway through it Jordan had wrapped up work, cooked dinner, and was settling in for some Monday Night Football.

While Jordan was winding down, I was trying to answer a number of questions to help me determine what my strengths are. Questions like, “What’s your proudest moment in life?” or “What is one of your biggest learning experiences?” I find it hard to answer personal questions on the spot. It takes some poking and prodding in my memory bank to come up with something suitable. Jordan, on the other hand, likes this sort of exercise and if he’s not the one asking questions like this, he often indulges the person who is.

On my break from the workshop, I ran downstairs to grab a plate of food. Jordan was engrossed in the game but I couldn’t resist asking him the two questions that were posed to me.

“Hey honey,” I shouted.

He grunted from the couch.

“What’s your greatest success?”

“Getting someone to marry me,” he said.

He replied without hesitation, so I asked him the second question.

“What was your most fulfilling experience?”

Without looking up from the TV he said, “Shutting someone up with one sentence.”

Monday Night Football

While I don’t have a photo from the Strength Finders night, I do have this one. It’s from the night we sat down in a sports bar to “plan our wedding.”

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