How to Write the Perfect Love Note

This is a bold statement, but I’m going to say it anyway: Jordan has mastered the art of writing love notes.

It sounds impressive, but what most guys don’t realize is that love notes don’t have to be lengthy, they don’t have to be cheesy and they don’t even have to address love. You don’t have to describe the way the moonlight reflects in our eyes or how you never knew what love was until you saw us smile. That’s not what we want. Well, maybe that’s what we wanted in high school, but that’s not gonna cut it now.

The truth is a love note can say almost anything, as long as it reveals one thing:

You were thinking about us.

Not that you thought we might get mad if you didn’t write a note, rather while you were going about your daily routine we popped into your head and you wanted to share the moment with us somehow.

When we first started dating, Jordan’s love notes primarily came in the form of Someecards.

Two weeks after our first date, he sent me this:

Two weeks later, he sent me this:

These e-cards paved the way for love notes that he would later slip into my lunch bag:

“Today is Thursday and Thursdays are gay, but I love you so have a nice day.”

Something like this, no matter how silly, goes a long way.

The best notes are short and sweet, and they don’t even have to say, “I love you.” In fact, my favorite love note thus far is one that Jordan left for me in the bathroom.

You see, he is perpetually baffled by the amount of toilet paper women use. And he loves to point this out every chance he gets. His taunting is twofold: He likes to gawk at the amount of TP I use, but even more he likes to boast about how little he uses.

Fast forward to a summer day in Alaska: I was returning to an empty house after being gone for three weeks and Jordan had just left for a short business trip. We missed each other by a few days.

While there was a note on the counter, it was more informative than playful. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed.

Until I went to the bathroom.

When I reached out to unroll some TP, a small piece of paper fell to the floor.

I picked it up, and there it was…Jordan’s real love note:

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