The Blind Leading the Blind

Jordan hates using his iPhone for navigation, so it’s understood that I will figure out how to get wherever it is we have to go.

Apparently this holds true even when the destination is a surprise for me.

Last weekend Jordan arranged a date night. The date night wasn’t the surprise but the components of the date night were.

Part one was dinner at a restaurant.

Part two was a theater show.

The restaurant and the theater were separated by just a few blocks, but the two drinks I had at dinner were much stronger than I expected and I had trouble navigating the two-block radius to get there.  After several wrong turns and several turnarounds, I asked:

“Why would you leave someone who’s tipsy in charge of navigation?”

Jordan: “Because you’re the navigator.”

Me: “But you’re not even driving?”

Jordan: “No, but I’m leading us.”

Me: “How are you leading us?”

Jordan: “I’m delegating…a good leader does that.”

Although The Music Man was in town, I knew when I saw the sign for The Great American Trailer Park Musical that we had found our destination…I didn’t need Siri to tell me that.

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