Author: Michelle

Creepy Jordan 4

Heeere’s Jordan

Alaska is a place that’s both serene and creepy at the same time. It’s where Into the Wild meets The Shining—the kind of place you go to get away from the world, but also...

Tio Tigre 0

First Impressions

We had only been dating for two weeks. In other words, not long enough for me to know that I shouldn’t hand Jordan my phone and ask him to text one of my friends...

Out in the Cold 0

You’re Getting Colder

A visual of where we are now and where we were at this time last year: Winter 2014 Winter 2013 Costa Rica from Michelle Valenti on Vimeo.

Monday Night Football 0

When to Walk Away

I recently took part in a Strength Finders workshop with my team. Since I’m on the East Coast and my team is on the West Coast, the workshop took place in the evening for...

me and Nonie 6

The Vote That Counts

My grandmother, Nonie, called Jordan “handsome,” both because she thought he was good looking and because she couldn’t remember his name. She was 99 years old. It’s possible that one of the reasons she...

Fall Decorations 0

Gourds Gone Wild

I like to go to farmer’s markets. The feeling I get at a market is similar to the feeling I get walking into Whole Foods. Even though I’m not a great cook, I think...

Lake Champlain 0

Spreading My Wings

For someone who hates to fly, I find myself in the air a lot. I’m not talking about 747s either; I’m talking about those small metal boxes with wings that spurt and putter when...

Expired Goods 0

Questionable Behavior

I was standing on a footstool, screwing a cabinet shelf back into place when Jordan found me. An hour prior I had gone into the kitchen to cook dinner. At this moment, screwdriver in...

Summer Snow 0

Magic Moments: Summer Snow

My sister-in-law once told me that I’m a magic seeker and Jordan’s a magic maker. The truth is magic is everywhere, waiting to be discovered; Jordan simply takes the time to appreciate it. Magic...

The Great American Trailer Park Musical 0

The Blind Leading the Blind

Jordan hates using his iPhone for navigation, so it’s understood that I will figure out how to get wherever it is we have to go. Apparently this holds true even when the destination is...