Pushing My Buttons

At this point in our relationship I have a good idea when Jordan’s about to embarrass me. When we first started dating, however, it took a few surprises before I realized I needed to stay on my toes.

Part of my vulnerability is that I trust people, especially my friends. I don’t expect them to embarrass me so it usually surprises me when they do. You see, I’m shy; I don’t like drawing attention to myself. Those who are closest to me know that and usually don’t pick on me.

Jordan, however, drinks in my embarrassment like a fine scotch. He isn’t shy, and he never passes up an opportunity for a good laugh.

One of the first times I learned this about him was back when we worked at the Active office together. We met at that office, we started dating at that office, and we often slipped away from the office for walk breaks and lunch dates.

After one of our lunches, we returned to the office and got in the elevator. Jordan pressed 2, I pushed 6, and the other two guys pressed 5, meaning they worked for one of the other companies in the building.

When we got to the second floor, Jordan stepped out, turned back to me and, just as the doors were closing, said…

“No, I will not have sex with you on my lunch break. That’s harassment! I have half a mind to report you to HR.”

The doors closed and for a minute there was silence. I looked out the corner of my eye at the other two guys. Shock turned to smiles that spread across our faces until we all, strangers in an elevator, erupted in laughter.

The thing I love about Jordan’s practical jokes is that he doesn’t care if he’s there to hear the laughter. Leaving a crowd with a reason to smile is reward enough for him.

Life With Jordan

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