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Creepy Jordan 4

Heeere’s Jordan

Alaska is a place that’s both serene and creepy at the same time. It’s where Into the Wild meets The Shining—the kind of place you go to get away from the world, but also...

Out in the Cold 0

You’re Getting Colder

A visual of where we are now and where we were at this time last year: Winter 2014 Winter 2013 Costa Rica from Michelle Valenti on Vimeo.

Playa Grande, Costa Rica 0

No Place to Hide

Life with Jordan means lots of travel. We spent the early part of this year in Playa Grande, Costa Rica. Here’s a short glimpse into our life there. Playa Grande 2013 from Michelle Valenti...

My Hero 0

My Hero

Before I move to a tropical climate, I dream about all the positives of the place: sunsets at the beach, pina coladas, a cool ocean breeze. It’s only after I arrive that I remember...

First Class to No Class 0

First Class to No Class

After a year of diligently collecting United miles, Jordan finally made premier status in time for the holidays. As much as I mocked his game of counting miles like they were one hundred dollar...