Jordan likes to commemorate “firsts”. During each inaugural Jordan/Michelle activity, there is inevitably a moment when he looks at me sideways, cocks his head with a smile and says “awww, this is our first trip together” or “this is our first time sailing on the ocean together.” He even commemorated the first time we ate sushi together and the first time we went running with my sister.

I took to his mini celebrations immediately. Over time, however, there became a distinct difference between the firsts that I really enjoy (the first time we watched fireworks together) and the firsts that he likes to celebrate (the first time we clogged our toilet).

Sometimes he touches my face gingerly with his hand when he says: “awww, this is the first time using our plunger” or “aww, this is your first time getting seasick and throwing up over the side of a sailboat in front of me.”

As much as he likes to celebrate the things I’d like to forget, he still honors the beautiful moments too.

The other morning, he woke me up with my down jacket in hand and said, “I have a surprise for you.” He put slippers at my feet, a hat on my head, and then took me out to the deck for our first Northwest snow.


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