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Out in the Cold 0

You’re Getting Colder

A visual of where we are now and where we were at this time last year: Winter 2014 Winter 2013 Costa Rica from Michelle Valenti on Vimeo.

me and Nonie 6

The Vote That Counts

My grandmother, Nonie, called Jordan “handsome,” both because she thought he was good looking and because she couldn’t remember his name. She was 99 years old. It’s possible that one of the reasons she...

Summer Snow 0

Magic Moments: Summer Snow

My sister-in-law once told me that I’m a magic seeker and Jordan’s a magic maker. The truth is magic is everywhere, waiting to be discovered; Jordan simply takes the time to appreciate it. Magic...

Playa Grande, Costa Rica 0

No Place to Hide

Life with Jordan means lots of travel. We spent the early part of this year in Playa Grande, Costa Rica. Here’s a short glimpse into our life there. Playa Grande 2013 from Michelle Valenti...

Old 97's 0

The Song Day

They told me every bride has one. Even the most organized, even the most laid back, even the anti-brides are bound to have…a breakdown. “The pressure of planning a wedding will build, and the...